About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is for every child to leave as a happy , responsible and independent member of society; an individual who appreciates the joy and beauty of the world as well as the hardships; one who has the motivation, determination and confidence to cherish what is precious and to find their place in the world.

Our Mission

Satkaarya means 'helpful to many ' and our mission with children from underprivileged homes is to ‘help them help themselves for life’. We work together as a team of adults and children to support every child to reach his or her full potential and claim his or her rightful place in the world. We believe in supporting children with all types of need and pride ourselves in sticking with children through the ups and downs that life brings and helping them to make the right choices, learn from their mistakes and make the most of the opportunities they are given.
To achieve these goals there are educational, physical, spiritual and social provisions within the daily time-table:


  • To provide the children with educational support to enable them to learn more effectively
  • To provide for a range of learning styles and experiences
  • To provide a range of recreational experiences
  • To develop extra- curricular skills and talents and an appreciation of beauty in whatever form it presents itself


  • To provide a safe living environment, a nutritious diet and the necessary clothing
  • To provide essential health care
  • To provide loving, devoted and well trained staff to care for and support them


  • To provide emotional and spiritual support
  • To encourage the development and understanding of religious values and how they impact on their daily lives


  • Develop good manners, habits and standards
  • To develop a sense of personal responsibility and of leadership
  • To develop independent individuals who can contribute to society

Our Children

Satkaarya has 45 children under its care and support. Our children are either

  • Orphans or
  • from broken and underprivileged homes or
  • are those facing problems at home such as abuse or pressure to marry or work too young or
  • are children of construction/ migrant workers with no permanent homes and
  • are children who have been rescued from bonded labour

Children are referred to us by word of mouth. Following a referral, a home visit is made by one of the staff members or trustees to assess the child’s situation and decide what sort of support the child needs. Parents and guardians are, wherever possible, encouraged to remain fully involved in their child’s progress. Recently organizations such as International Justice Mission (‘IJM’) and The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (‘PCVC’) have been referring children to our homes and have been greatly pleased with the care and nurture given to the children and the progress made by every child.

Our Donor Trust

Our funds are primarily provided by the Batemans Trust, a registered charity in the UK. The founder of the Trust Mrs Alex Jacob’s unfailing love and dedication towards giving a hope and future to every deserving child is beyond measure. Her dreams for every child, vision and mission are being fulfilled by the Satkaarya Trust in India. The Trustees, friends and supporters of the Batemans Trust are working very hard to raise the funds to sustain Satkaarya’s projects in Chennai.

To know more, login to www.batemans.org.uk