Our Children

Satkaarya has 45 children under its care and support. Our children are either

  • Orphans or
  • from broken and underprivileged homes or
  • are those facing problems at home such as abuse or pressure to marry or work too young or
  • are children of construction/ migrant workers with no permanent homes and
  • are children who have been rescued from bonded labour

Children are referred to us by word of mouth. Following a referral, a home visit is made by one of the staff members or trustees to assess the child’s situation and decide what sort of support the child needs. Parents and guardians are, wherever possible, encouraged to remain fully involved in their child’s progress. Recently organizations such as International Justice Mission (‘IJM’) and The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (‘PCVC’) have been referring children to our homes and have been greatly pleased with the care and nurture given to the children and the progress made by every child.