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Girls Home & Boys Home


Our children’s homes are duly registered and licensed as per the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act. The girls and boys are in the age group of 6 years to 18 years. Our care and support for those above 18 years extends by way of ‘Repatriation’ or ‘After care support’.

Care and Nurture

We have resident wardens who are responsible for the care and nurture of every child. The wardens are given the much needed training and support to handle very child so that he/she is able to establish good relationship with every child, understand their needs and provide the much needed care & support

Health & Medical Care

A healthy and nutritious menu is followed and is altered from time to time to include variety and also to implement suggestions from the children/ staff. Children are given annual health check – up and necessary medical attention is given when needed. Local, private and Government hospitals are used. Medical records are kept and follow-ups for children with special medical condition are done regularly. Height & weight checks are also done regularly.


The children have opportunities to explore their talents through various competitions, creative activities and events. Drama, dance and music form an integral part of their skill development. The girls also have karate and self-defence classes and the boys have regular football coaching. In addition to this, all the important festivals and special holidays are celebrated with competitions and programmes that bring great enjoyment and enthusiasm to the children.


All children either go to the private schools in & around the city or are home schooled. The academic progress is monitored regularly by following strict study time; having tuitions for specific subjects; extra help for weaker children and also liaising with the school teachers on a regular basis.


The Open SchooI is based on the concept of homeschooling. It is an alternative system of education for children who find it difficult to cope in mainstream schools: children who have missed their early years of education or those with mild learning difficulties such as dyslexia or ADHD. We offer child-centered learning in very small groups. Children are taught the main curriculum in English but also have Tamil lessons. We enable every child to gain immense self confidence by giving them encouragement and opportunities for exploring their various skills and talents. Once a child is able to cope, they are re-integrated into mainstream education or encouraged to pursue a vocational course.

We have a team of dedicated teachers, some of whom are trained to teach children with special needs. We have developed our own curriculum for the Foundation and Open Basic class with an emphasis on practical and hands on learning. The children also learn art, craft, drama, music and computer. Life skills classes are embedded into the regular open school curriculum. Regular educational trips are arranged.


Girls above 10 years studying in the open school attend the tailoring classes every day from 3-5pm.They have a set curriculum and learn embroidery, cutting and stitching and also some craft so that even if they are unable to continue higher education they can make a career out of the tailoring skills that they have learnt. Some girls are also given the opportunity to go to other vocational training institutes offering beautician, hair dressing courses etc according to their areas of interest. A block printing facility has also been set up and the girls are taught block printing by an expert teacher.

Boys who are unable to continue higher education are aso offered opportunities for vocational training in ITI institutes to pursue electrician course, AC mechanic, carpentry or welding, hospitality management & catering etc.