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Open School

The Open SchooI is based on the concept of homeschooling. It is an alternative system of education for children who find it difficult to cope in mainstream schools: children who have missed their early years of education or those with mild learning difficulties such as dyslexia or ADHD. We offer child-centered learning in very small groups. Children are taught the main curriculum in English but also have Tamil lessons. We enable every child to gain immense self confidence by giving them encouragement and opportunities for exploring their various skills and talents. Once a child is able to cope, they are re-integrated into mainstream education or encouraged to pursue a vocational course.

We have a team of dedicated teachers, some of whom are trained to teach children with special needs. We have developed our own curriculum for the Foundation and Open Basic class with an emphasis on practical and hands on learning. The children also learn art, craft, drama, music and computer. Life skills classes are embedded into the regular open school curriculum. Regular educational trips are arranged.