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Our Future Plans

Realizing their long nurtured dream,  Batemans and Satkaarya acquired a total area of 22,400 sq.ft of land in two phases, first on 28th March 2018 and the second on 16th July 2020 to build a school and a children’s home, giving a safe haven and quality education to underprivileged children and equip them to live life to its fullest. The construction will be designed and executed by the Batemans Trustees, particularly Mr. Paul Crosby, using local expertise for a sustainable and eco-friendly architecture. The project envisages benefits to local community.                             

Our New School Bus

It is with immense pleasure the Satkaarya Trust proudly announces the induction of SUNSHINE – a 33 seat bus into its fold. We are deeply indebted to TWI a U.K. based MNC running their operations in India.

Ms. Jacqueline Cox the HR and marketing manager of TWI conceded to our request and spearheaded the vehicle acquisition as their CSR venture.

Special thanks to Mr. Kalyankumar Hatti, the general manager of Ashok Leyland who played a vital role in giving the vehicle at a heavily subsidized rate.


“The Trustees of the Satkaarya Trust and The Batemans, our donor trust….” are extremely happy to announce the purchase of their own piece of land in Sendrambakkam. The area of 6 grounds will be utilized to construct a primary school with a boarding facility and thereby realise our vision of giving more underprivileged children the access to good quality education and experience that will give them the chance for a brighter future. The new project would also involve benefits to the community. The construction will be designed and planned by the Batemans Trustees with expert advice from the best architects so that it is eco-friendly and sustainable.